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Stopping Firmware Updates on Your HP OfficeJet Printer

In the last year, Hewlett Packard has released firmware updates for several printers that take the HP 963 and HP 912 series’ of ink cartridges. Unfortunately, these updates have resulted in many printers no longer being able to recognise formerly accepted compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges. Thankfully, many of these updates are optional, and printer …

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Which Ink Cartridges can you Refill?

The high cost of ink cartridges can be a real thorn in the side for frequent printers. But before you resign yourself to a lifetime of shelling out big bucks, consider the power of refilling! Refilling compatible cartridges with fresh ink can be a budget-friendly and eco-conscious way to keep your printer going. However, it’s …

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Answering YOUR Toner Cartridge Questions

In my last post, I covered the most commonly asked ink cartridge questions, but what about their powder filled cousins for laser printers? Although many of the questions are the same, toner cartridges are functionally very different, and the topic is very much worth visiting. 1. Why are toner cartridges so expensive? The high cost …

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Answering YOUR Ink Cartridge Questions

Today, I am going to answer the 10 most common questions about ink and toner cartridge from our customers. Although I have covered many of these topics in separate posts, it never hurts to have briefer, more digestible answers to the more popular queries. Enough preamble, let’s go… 1. Why are ink cartridges so expensive? …

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Will Your Printer Ink Dry Out? Help and Advice

The convenience of a home printer can be a double-edged sword. While it’s fantastic to have documents and photos instantly at your fingertips, unused printers pose a hidden danger – ink can dry! Whether your printer regulates the flow of ink via its built-in printhead or ink is dispensed directly from the cartridge, dried ink …

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Which Printer Cartridges are Cheapest? Slash Those Printing Costs

The undeniable truth? Ink cartridges can be a drain on your wallet. But before you resign yourself to a life of expensive printing, let’s explore some strategies to find the cheapest options for your printer. Here’s a breakdown of some key cost-saving tactics. Beyond the Cartridge: Consider the Printer Itself If it is not too …

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Can Ink Cartridges be Recycled?

We all know the frustration of an empty ink cartridge. But before you toss it in the bin, consider this: ink cartridges can be recycled! Recycling these components keeps them out of landfills and reduces the need for virgin materials. Here’s how you can be part of the solution. Yes. It’s Easier Than You Think …

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Can Ink Cartridges Expire?

Ink cartridges, those little marvels that bring our digital documents to life, seem like they should last forever. But do they actually expire? The answer, like many things in life, is a nuanced “it depends.” Let’s delve into the world of ink expiration and how to get the most out of your cartridges. Expiration Dates: …

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Can Ink Cartridges Be Refilled?

The high cost of new ink cartridges is a source of frustration for many printer users. Refilling cartridges seems like an obvious solution, offering significant cost savings. But is it too good to be true? Let’s explore the pros and cons of refilling ink cartridges. Saving Money when Printing The biggest advantage of refilling ink …

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Why are ink cartridges so expensive?

Nowadays, you can generally depend on ink cartridges delivering crisp text and vibrant colours to the page at the press of a button. But there’s a reason many people wince at the price tag: ink cartridges can be incredibly expensive, often costing more per ounce than perfume! Let’s explore some of the reasons behind this …

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Are Old or Empty Ink Cartridges Worth Anything?

If you have ever had a pile of ink cartridges that have been previously used (or even ones from an old printer) you may have wondered if they are worth anything? As technology advances and printer models evolve, it’s natural to wonder about the value of outdated or unused ink cartridges. Let’s explore this topic …

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