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Are Old or Empty Ink Cartridges Worth Anything?

If you have ever had a pile of ink cartridges that have been previously used (or even ones from an old printer) you may have wondered if they are worth anything? As technology advances and printer models evolve, it’s natural to wonder about the value of outdated or unused ink cartridges. Let’s explore this topic …

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What is the Difference Between “Regular” and “XL” Capacity Ink Cartridges?

In the world of printing, choosing the right ink cartridge can make a significant difference in both cost and performance. Two popular options available in the UK and European markets are regular and XL capacity ink cartridges. Understanding the differences between these options can help consumers make informed decisions based on their printing needs and …

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How to Turn Off Canon “Genuine Mode” for 057 & 057H Toner Cartridges

To stop recieving the "Cartridge communication error. Cannot print. A non-Canon or counterfeit cartridge may be in use." message, just take the following steps...

How to Clear “Non‑Dell [supply type], see User’s Guide [33.xy]” Message on Dell printers.

If you are using remanufactured Dell toner cartridges or imaging units in your printer, you may be getting an error stating that a “Non‑Dell” unit is installed. Whilst you will almost certainly be aware of this, it is not always particularly obvious how to continue using the toner cartridge or imaging drum unit. In most …

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Have I Activated HP+ by Accident?

As you may or may not be aware, HP+ disables your printer’s ability to use cartridges with a non-HP Chip or use it without an internet connection. Whilst the printer’s packaging and various Hewlett Packard literature mention this, we have had multiple customers using their printer for an extended period without realising it. I for …

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How to Setup your Printer Without HP+

Whilst HP+ offers its advantages and disadvantages, as a retailer of compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges cartridges, we often have customers ask if signing up for this service can be avoided. In this quick post, I will show you how I set-up our Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 8015e, without opting in to HP+. Whilst I am …

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Stopping Firmware Updates on Your HP OfficeJet Printer

In the last year, Hewlett Packard has released firmware updates for several printers that take the HP 963 and HP 912 series’ of ink cartridges. Unfortunately, these updates have resulted in many printers no longer being able to recognise formerly accepted compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges. Thankfully, many of these updates are optional, and printer …

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How to Reset TN321 and TN326 Brother Toner Cartridges

If your Brother colour laser printer is still displaying “Replace Toner” or has a red cross over a colour, even after you have replaced a toner cartridge, it may be that the counter has not reset. This can occur with genuine Brother TN321 or TN326 toner cartridges, compatible versions or even remanufactured versions. How to …

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What is HP+? Should I activate it?

...es an HP account, ongoing internet connection, and use of only Original HP Ink or Toner for the life of the printer.” “HP+ printers requires the use of Original HP Ink or Toner to operate, for the life of the printer, even after expiration of the 6 month of Instant Ink offer.” Do I have to use HP+ on my printer? Whilst HP state that the option to skip HP+ setup is there for the HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 and 9000 Series of inkjet printers, there is no...

Refilling Hewlett Packard HP 302XL (F6U67AE) Tri-Colour Ink Cartridges

...you need is at least one syringe, plus some universal cyan, magenta and yellow ink. Simply remove the label, widen the fill holes (if necessary) and fill the relevant chambers of the HP 302XL ink cartridge with the amount of ink mentioned below. When refilling the Hewlett Packard ink cartridges below we recommend injecting the following amount of ink into the respective cyan, magenta and yellow chambers: HP 302XL/F6U67AE: 4.5ml (13.5ml Total) This...

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